It's funny how life imitates art...or refuses to. A few years ago I was looking for someone to accompany me on a steady gig at a local club. I hired Dave Henning on piano, which turned out to be the smartest thing I've ever done. Dave's playing and positive outlook are an inspiration. About a year later Steve Millhouse joined us on bass. Steve injected new energy and amazing talent into our repertoire. Then Rob Schuh joined us on drums, creating the perfect balance. Rob's talent and creativity are unequaled. But just as we were getting ready to record - the quartet sounding better than it ever had - we lost our steady gig. I thought that would be the end yet it became a wonderful opportunity to focus on the music's integrity without settling for a mediocre "sort of jazz" sound. This recording would not have been possible without the talent, support, and dedication of Dave, Steve, and Rob.

Below are some of the songs from "Re-Entry", I hope that you enjoy them.


Denise Martin sitting in with Dave Henning, Ted Sistrunk, and Bruce Stodola at The Nash!

Gaynel Hodge

(founding member of The Platters, and composer of the song Earth Angel)

with Denise Martin (who is suffering from a cough!), 

fooling around on the piano

during his last visit to the states (January 2013).