Denise Martin
The best laid plans,,,,

Going to Berklee in the 1980's had its advantages and drawbacks. One of the great advantages were some of the musicians I met and eventually became friends with. The first time I did a cruise ship gig, Consuelo Candelaria was on piano. Consuelo also went to Berklee and we became fast friends over the next six months of living on a ship together. We continued to build on that friendship and found that we had a lot in common, she was from New Mexico and I was from Arizona. We were both strangers to the east coast. Consuelo made me aware of how hip McCoy Tyner was. At the time I felt like I didn't have as much to contribute, being a singer. She and I played together and improvised. We both went on to teach, Consuelo currently teaches at Berklee and I teach at a performing arts school. Over the past 25 years we have both played with some burning players and have been fortunate enough to make a significant part of our living by playing music and recording. We talk regularly and there is always this big plan to do a project together....possibly a recording...possibly a live gig here in Phoenix or in New Mexico while she is there. Everytime I speak with her I am inspired to shed tunes that I haven't visited in years. It's exciting and scary. The problem is narrowing down material that's important to me and significant to what we want to we define it beforehand or just leave it to chance? Consuelo sent me a beautiful tune to learn and I've started on it, but if you've met me you know that I sort of bulldoze my way through many situations...sort of a take charge, can do attitude! Believe it or not this works against me sometimes and I have to figure out how to chill out and let things just happen or unfold without forcing the situation. So while I go through lists of my favorite tunes and move songs to the top and delete other songs...I have got to relax, practice and let the music happen!! This link is a video of Consuelo playing with the Berklee Percussion Department 

After listening to this, I need to spend a ton of time in the shed!





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